Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Math papa mura ka!

I don’t know why I was dragged to attend a seminar on Statistics the whole day. Sa kasamaang palad it will last up until Friday pa. Whew! I’ve always been so bad at Math. I can still remember my kindergarten years (believe me. traumatic kasi to for me =)) when I was asked to solve an addition problem in front of the class. My mother used to teach me how to do it – by using my fingers and toes literally. Unfortunately, the figure my teacher asked me exceeded to the point that my hands and feet were not enough. I cried so hard because I cannot ask my classmate or my teacher to lend their hands wide open for me.

Whenever I encounter math problem, pinagpapawisan talaga ako. I could really say, “Houston, we have a problem. Paki-solve nga… dali now na!” Even the simplest pagsusukli lang natataranta pa ko. Maybe I’ll be staying as an employee for the rest of my life. Ayoko ng business. Malulugi ako big time. If ever, given the chance, siguro apartment na lang, consistent lang ang bayad at monthly pa. So monthly lang ako matataranta. Hahaha!

I know Math is essential on my work. I belong to the IT world, believe it or not 4 years na. Hindi ko rin alam kung pano ako napunta sa mundong yan kahit yun ang weakness ko. Ambisyosa kasi. Hahaha! Kaya pag nagpprogram ako puro trial and error. No definite solution. Tira lang ng tira. Good luck talaga sa mga boss ko.


pamatayhomesick said...

math kakaya mo yan...ikaw pah!..
paalam ako ha, add kita sa bloglist ko.

Kura said...

grabe naman.. it's a pleasure po. thanks. ang ganda ng blog mo. elibs ako sa painting. =)