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Malapascua: Pleasure runs deep (Part 1)

Check out my previous post to complete the journey (HP?! chos!)

After a very tiring Bohol Day tour, next day we left the city and started an even more stressful, pain-in-the-ass (literal), dusty 4 hours travel time to discover the beauty of Malapascua Island.

Break. Bago pa ko ma nose-bleed. Dahil tinanghali kami ng gising sa pagod sa Bohol na yan, nagmamadali na kami umalis. Naiwan ko nakasaksak ang dyaskeng charger ng D10 ko sa Cebu Guesthouse. Though I brought the other cam, it has no charge and it's SD is not working. So in short, wala siyang silbe. Kahit nakakahiya, bumaba kami sa bus para kunin ulit. Whew! We spent 350.00 for the taxi back and forth. What a waste. Lesson: Ok lang magpakapuyat sa pageempake, wag lang may maiiwan. ayt?

Back to the story. We rode a Ceres bus going to Maya port in Cebu North Terminal. If you prefer Bantayan Island, ride a bus with a sign Hagnaya port. Dispatcher of the latter almost fooled me that I can also ride Hagnaya bus going Malapascua. Dadaan din daw yun. "Tseh! Lokohin mo lelang mo!" It really pays when you do research before going to unfamiliar places. Fare is only 163.00 each for non-aircon bus. Sorry to tell you pero there are no aircon buses going there kaya you don't have a choice. Don't forget to bring tons of snack dahil 4 hours ride ito mind you.. Make sure to reach Maya port on or before 3PM or else you will have to rent the whole boat going to Malapascua by yourself for 2000.00. You only have to pay 80.00 if you were able to catch the regular schedule. The earliest boat from Maya will depart at 7:00am.

May improvised map ako o. hihihih! Effort yan! kaya hindi ako maloloko. hmp!

up close

Tip: If you don't want to get sunburned habang nasa bus pa lang, umupo sa left side passenger seat. Mas madalas ang araw sa kabila. Nanghula lang kami papunta e. Aba malay ko ba kung nasan ang araw na yan. Ayun dun ako napwesto. Doble-Kara tuloy ako. hihihi! Dun ka naman sa right side pabalik obviously.

Dahil we left the bus station at 8:30am, we arrived in Maya exactly after four hours. Mahihiya ang walis sa buhok ko. Ang tigas. hahaha! Epekto ng gabok. Surprisingly, halos puro foreigners ang kasabay namin sa boat. Nakakatuwa. Wala pa man proud na ko agad. Siguro nga sobrang ganda ng destination namin.

Maya port

After 40 minutes, touchdown sa one of the top 10 beaches in the Philippines. Woot woot! 

Awww.. bakit ba ko napwesto sa gilid ng bangka!

I was amazed by it's fine and powdery white sand. Ang ganda talaga. You will be welcomed by a lot of porters. Unlucky us because Kuya Arca was the first to approach us. Makilala nyo rin siya. Stay put.

Malapascua means "Bad Christmas" in Cebuano. Based on my research, Spaniards were the first to land on that island on a stormy Christmas Day in the1500's. What sets Malapascua apart from other beaches in the Philippines, it is a home for thresher sharks. It is now becoming a diver's haven. Bat ganun.. excited sila sa sharks. Ako hindi.

Sabi ko nga, dukha mode kami so I immediately asked kuya for the cheapest lodge house para saming 3. He leaded us to Blue Coral Resort. Actually, nagpabook ako dun few weeks ago but I failed to deposit a reservation fee so forfeited siya. My mom said kasi, off peak naman kaya ok lang dun na maghanap. Their rates are very reasonable. You can get an elegant (yep it's elegant, mukang de-aircon) fan room for as low as 1500 for 2 persons. Ok na sana kaya lang 3 kami. Additional 300 daw. When I talked to ate on the phone nung nag inquire ako nun, we agreed that she'll give the room for 1500 saming 3 na. Pass na ko. Dun na lang kami sa much cheaper. Then we transferred to K5 Bamboo house. Fan room is only 500.00 para saming 3 na yun. May CR pang sarili. But don't expect the elegance I was talking about a while ago. hihihi! May mosquito net na nakasabit sa bed. Siguradong pagpyestahan kami ng lamok. hahaha! Hindi ako nagkamali.

Tomguts na ko. Ang jobee palabok na binaon ko ng apat na oras, nakakatuwang hindi pa panis. Nagkanda-tapon nga lang ang sauce sa plastic. Sa ngalan ng gutom, pakiramdam ko siya na ang pinakamasarap na palabok. Solb! 

Kuya Arca approached us after we ate. He offered a boat rental around Malapascua for 600.00. Samin ng tatlo yun. It is the usual rate. Don't be fooled by others who are offering more than that. I advise you should bring your own snorkel set. Though you can rent it for 100.00 each, pero iba pa rin yung sayo na alam mong safe at sterilized. We agreed to do it tomorrow morning around 8am.

My mom slept while me and my brother roamed around the beach. Totoo nga. Para kang wala sa Pinas. (Before you react on my statement, ibig ko lang sabihin dun, nagkalat ang mas nakakaraming foreigners kesa pinoy. As in.)

ikaw na ang nag back-flip hahha! galeng!
Define "nangingintab"

I was shocked when they started pulling this boat

Ako ang kinakabahan para sa kanila. Pero when I saw that locals were very still upon watching them, siguro nga kanila yung boat. Mind you, hindi sagwan kundi pala ang gamit nila pagpapaddle. Amazing kids!

View from Blue Coral Resort
You can have a great view of sunset and sunrise when you check in here. So for me, 1500 rate is good enough.

Napagod din ako. I slept. Hanggang sa nakaligtaan ko na ang sunset. I promised to catch the sunrise the next day. We ate at Ging Ging's resto for Dinner. Aside from they serve cheap yet great-tasting food, the waitresses are very accommodating, nice flower farm, pero meron at meron pa rin akong bad comment. Ako na ang maldita. May kampon ng mga langaw na umaaligid. Pleeeeaaase! I'm not sure if the ingredients were prepared clean if those creatures were present. Ako ang nahihiya sa mga guests. Lalo na kung ibang nashon. Nevertheless, dun pa rin kami kain ng kain hahaha! Dun lang ang cheap kasi na marami ang servings.

Fail ulit. hahaha! Mas matimbang ang antok kesa sa sunrise.

When I woke up Kuya Arca was at the door. He was offering another island. Kalanggaman na daw kami dumeretso. May kasama ng lunch. We should pack our things and check out  coz they will send us off to Maya port right after island hopping. I already knew about Kalanggaman Island so natuwa ako kasi kahit wala sa plan, I'd be able to see that hidden paradise. I asked him about the snorkeling spots that we agreed upon yesterday. He just said, meron din daw dun na mas magaganda pa. Mixed emotions ako. Though hindi niya kami pinilit pero parang napwersa kaming mag alsa balutan at iwan ang Malapascua. Hinayang na hinayang ako dahil nagtulog ako the day before. So sige mukang ok naman ang offer ni kuya. 900 daw kasi yung original na rate nun per person. Bonggang discount na nga daw kami. We almost paid in full plus the rental for 2 snorkeling gear. 300 na lang balanse namin. We hurriedly packed our things and ate our breakfast. Kuya said he will pick us up at 8:30am.

8:30am na, wala ni amoy ni kuya. My fault, I forgot to ask for his cell #. Bothered na ko, mukang na-denggoy kami. Past 9:00am when he came and asked us to go to the beach where the boat is waiting. Nakakainit na agad ng ulo. We saw 2 cute couples waiting as well. Buti they came from the metro too. Mapapahinga tenga ko sa Cebuano dialect. hihihih!

We're patiently waiting for the boat. Wala pa pala. Taliwas sa sinabi niya kanina na inaantay na kami. Dumating na ang boat after 10 minutes so we boarded. Hindi pala sasama si  kuya at ipapaubaya nya kami sa bangkero niya. I saw that they only have 1 snorkel gear. I paid for two so I asked kung nasan. Naghanap pa si kuya ulit. Pagbalik, pati rin pala yung kasama namin asked for two so naghanap ulit. We left. When we talked to the boatman about the island hopping, ang alam lang ni kuya, Kalanggaman lang. Separate bayad daw yung sa Malapascua loop. So balik sa port at hinanap si Kuya Arca. So ok na we left ulit. I forgot the other reason why pero bumalik kami ulit at hinanap si Arca. Kamalas malasan naman, the engine stopped. Nasira daw kakabalik balik so naghanap pa ng kapalit na boat. Past 10am na kami naka-alis. We arrived on the island at 12noon. I will skip Kalanggaman first as it deserves a separate post.

Preview of Kalanggaman Island

I'll just make it short na kasi nobela na to wala pa man. What happened was, we didn't go home that day. We just toured Malapascua loop instead dahil sa mga di inaasahang pangyayari. Feel-good vibes magbalik ka. Choink!

If you're curious about Coral Garden and what lies underneath.. ito sila.

Suplado ang fish!

find mimo here!

Walang habas na kaka-picture. Nahilo ako promise.

Crown-of-Thorn Starfish (salamat sa effort ng pagreresearch Christian! hihihi!)
According to him, the creature can paralyze you within a minute and will kill you eventually. I forgot to ask if there's a first aid pag napagtripan ka niya. Good thing, hindi siya lumulutang sa water. As in dun lang siya. Palakad lakad ng kaunti.

Parang mga flowers ang coral..

Keribells? Honestly, corals there were great.. subalit, ngunit, datapwat I'd still prefer corals of Coron. Sawry! Wala pang pumapalit sa puso ko when it comes to underwater world. Siguro dahil hindi sila masyadong makulay but it was nice. I enjoyed it as well hindi maikakaila yun.

We moved to another site where a WWII shipwreck is visible. That's when I appreciate the other side of Malapascua the moment we made a turn. We saw the ever famous light house.

Walang ano ano, talon na daw kami at nandun na ang ship. Wala naman ako nakita. Walang habas ang kakakampay ko. Siguro mga 10 meters siya from our boat. Nakakapagod ha.

Wala ng eerie factor. Binomba daw kasi siya kaya hindi na buo. Puro scrap. Napuruhan siguro ng hapon. hahaha!

Saw that foot? Yes! malapit na siya sa surface ng water so be careful.

Malaki siya talaga and it's worth the dive (feeling diver)

Finally...ito ang Perfect moment

We ended that day with cliff diving. Yes and no. Yes you read it right. And no it wasn't me. I was glad Rona and her boo tried it. Nainggit ako after. hahaha! Pero no I won't try it soon. Mahal ko pa buhay ko. Kuya boatman was the first one. Actually first time niya din daw yun. Makapigil hininga talaga. hahaha! Inaabangan namin kung lulutang pa siya at kung hindi ba nagkaron ng Red Sea. After a few seconds, buhay naman siya. So Rona's boo turn naman. I'm not sure kung ano ba siya basta foreigner. It was another success. Nung si Rona na, iba ang nangyari. We thought she's ok kasi nakalutang naman siya. We were clapping and all until we heard her groan. She slammed her ass on the water surface. Number 1 rule daw in diving, dapat straight yung body mo whether ulo or paa pa ang unang bumagsak. Nakaka-awa siya promise. Parang sahig din ang binagsakan niya e. Ganun daw ang impact nun.

Don't worry, nakalakad naman siya pauwi. Kami, dahil, nagcheck out na kami, hindi namin alam ngayon kung san kami pupulutin. The bamboo room is occupied already. Good thing kuya Arca has as relative with worth 600.00 fan room din. Pwede na rin. Pero sobrang layo nya sa kabihasnan. And the path way is not well lighted. Hindi ko na matandaan ang daan papuntang Ging Ging. Salamat sa tone toneladang Memo Plus Gold na tinira ata ng kapatid ko at natandaan niya kaagad.

We left the island at 7am the next day for Cebu City Tour naman.Sana napagtyagaan nyong basahin.. hihihi! Thanks lakwatsero! Your blog helped me a lot.


empi said...

kahit minalas ng konti.. worth it pa rin ang tour dahil super na enjoy niyo. Ayos!

marxtermind said...

Gusto ko din mag-Malapascua! :)

Malditang "Kura"cha said...
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Malditang "Kura"cha said...

@empi - yup. misfortunes make the trip memorable. hihihi! thanks for dropping by... always.

@marx - hay mamamayat ka lalo sa biyahe. hahaha! =) napagod talaga ako sa haba pero worth it naman. iwasan lang sa mga tulad ni kuya Arca. Magulong kausap e

jdGONEMAD said...

ganda ng mga kuha!

JeffZ said...

ang Kalanggaman ay sa Leyte na diba?.. I heard it from Sir Gerry Ruiz' photoblog.. hmmmm.. Mapuntahan nga..

teka, napagod rin ako sa tour nyo.. :P buti game si mommy mo for all the adventures.. kung andito lang tatay at nanay ko, tiyak na game din yung mga yun.. :P

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

@jeffz - yup Leyte nga. Mga 2 hours boat ride siya from Malapascua. Kaya effort talaga siyang puntahan. uu game naman siya lagi e. Hinahayaan na lang ako. Teka, Nasan ba parents mo?

Nga pala, nakita ko si chyng at Nina Fuentes nung Fri sa Greenbelt. Tapos nakita ko si Marx kanina sa Dela Rosa Makati. Naalala mo bang nakita rin kita sa Baguio? Pakalat kalat talaga tayong lahat. hahaha!

marxtermind said...

Hahaha! Ang galing mong mangspot, di kita nakita... :)

Gusto ko talaga mag-Malapascua, mas malayo pa sya sa Bantayan!

JeffZ said...

@maricar: ganun talaga pag mga layas! :P hehe

Chyng said...

hanuvayan! nalingat lang ako, nasa Malapascua ka naman!
i think it's really worth the travel. too bad, mahirap kna iplease ngayon.. parang si Balicasag nalang tlga ang tatalo sa Coron mo. ^_^

and wait! now I know bakit di mo ko tinawag last friday sa GB5. super jitims ka din no? hehe joke!

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

@chyng - naku oo. layer layer na ang kaitiman. ang masagwa pa dun, hindi pantay. dapat pala humilata na lang ako sa sand. pero ok naman. enjoy din.

virgo itinerary said...

alin kaya mas maganda puntahan bantayan o malapascua?

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

Hi virgo - I've never been to bantayan but based on my research, mas ok daw talaga malapascua. thanks for dropping by. Sorry sa uber late reply. Hindi ko nakita sa feeds e =(

Ed said...


dami palang mishaps na nangyari dito. natatawa pa rin ako sa mga sidecomments. hahahaha, di ko alam kung saan ako magshashare ng comment kasi andaming nakakaaliw na pangyayari ang naganap dito ah!

onga, andaming foreigners dun.

nakapag cliff jump din ako and yes masakit sya sa pwet kaya dapat matuwid kang tumlaon (gulo. hehe)

kakatakot naman ng thornfish na yun! pero galing ah, nakapag kalanggaman kayo! yan kasi ang next beach stop na dapat kong puntahan! :D

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

wow! I would love to hear your story when you get there. Naku nuknukan ng daming hysteria yan pero ewan ko ba, pag naaalala ko lahat natatawa na lang ako e. Actually kaya siya naging memorable dahil din dun. hahaha! yep nabasa ko nga yung Malapascua mo. Actually kaya ko nalaman na may cliff diving dun. Kaya lang I don't have the courage to do it. Unang una, hindi naman ako kagalingan maglangoy. yung tipong limang kawag lang, lunod na ko. hahah! Nahihiya ako mag swimming lesson e. Puro kasi bata ang classmate. yoko nga.

I super appreciate your comments. hihihi! have a nice day!