Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Magtur man si Duray sa Bohol, Cebu, Liyte in just 4 days

Before I explored these islands, I mentioned in one of my FB status that I will cross out 3 of my 2011 goals. Unfortunately, it went down to two since I specifically stated there that I will dive in Balicasag, which did not happened. Well, it's intentional though, coz i'll be back there next month. I just want my mom and brother to experience, even just a glimpse, what Bohol can offer. If you're wondering about the 2 goals I accomplished, one is when I had Zac, which I'm still thinking if I would make a separate post, and the other one is my Cebu tour with family, if you can call the 3 of us a family already. Leyte was never part of my plan. And I'm really glad I chose to pursue it.

Forgive me for not sharing the details YET. Busy lang. Natambakan ng trabaho. hahahaha!

amazed by man-made forest

tried to conquer my fear on one of the most dangerous creature on earth

photo op with the world's famous smallest primate

prayed at old churches (and I mean the word OLD)

Went to Northern Cebu and hit the beach of Malapascua

explored the underwater world

played with fishes

stunned by this poisonous beast

discovered the WWII shipwrecks (yes you can touch it)

wowed by the picturesque sunset
got tanned on Leyte's hidden paradise

Dami ba? Hehehe! Can't wait to tell the whole story. Watch out for more soon. Stay tuned.


empi said...

tumu tour ah.. ayos

JeffZ said...

kwento na!.. :) hehe.. :)

bertN said...

I'm staying tuned!