Sunday, August 28, 2011

Going Solo and Beyond

As I set foot on my beloved destination later, I promise to take away doubts, fear and uncertainty. Well.... I'll try my very best. Hey, it's been almost a year of waiting, which didn't help because I had more than just 2nd thoughts, backing out should no longer be an option. I strongly believe I'll never forget this day for the rest of my life. Today is the day of courage. A day of passion. A day I conquered my fear again. A day when I left my comfort zone FINALLY.

I only have few plans on hand. I hope and pray there are no mishaps or close encounters along the way (you know me. hihihi!) I just have to accomplish 3 goals for this trip (1) try something I've never done before (2) hang out with the locals, if it means sing my heart out in public why not? (3) make friends with foreigners and have a picture taken as a proof. (oh and yeah did I mention I have to come back alive?)

I may be alone but I promise you won't see emo pose like this..
I'll be just fine!

I hope.. when I get back, I'll be more than just an ordinary girl. Stronger. Braver. Better.

Let me just leave you with an excerpt from the letter I got upon confirmation of my trip "The park is HUGE and I don't think there will be a group when you go.  It is all yours to enjoy if you love to be One with Nature." Exciting isn't it?

Stay tuned as I share my stories in my first attempt to solo traveling.

So who says I can't be serious? (hmp!) Ciao! hihihi!


Edcel said...

naks, my solo traveling na 'label' na talaga sa Blogger. hehe..

gud luck! and it will be exciting. baka gusto mong matulad kay brenna, may hinahanap. joke. hehe.

gud luck uli! :D


pack up and drift said...

huwow! good luck! gogogo!!!

marxtermind said...

Wow! Hay kelan kaya ako ulit makakapag-solo travel!

Chyng said...

pag-uwing paguwi mo, planuhin na natin ang anilao!

magkano budget?
gusto mo gawin kong open trip (announce ko sa blog in case ayaw sumama nila sonny) or tayo tayo lang?

anney said...

Wow! looking forward sa mga susunod na posts! I've never gone traveling solo.

JeffZ said...

yakang yaka mo yan!

you're one strong girl and you're about to realize that once you come back! :)

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

@ed - ganun talaga. haha! kailangan ng mag level up sa paghahanap. lol! joke lang yun. may "side kwento" ako tungkol diyan sa paghahanap na yan. watch out for that. hahah!

@pack-up and drift - thanks! I'm alive and kicking. At nag enjoy ako talaga.

@marx - go! kayang kaya mo yan. choose a safe place like what I did.

@chyng - usap tayo sa FB. hihihi! ok lang sakin kahit open for joiners or tayo tayo lang.

@anney - wow thanks! pressure. hihihi! i'm also excited to write about my so called solo trip.

@jeffZ - yes naman! hahah! akalain mong kaya ko pala yun. mukang ma-aadik na ko sa solo na yan. try mo din jeff.

Myx said...

Woot! Sana may mahanap kang papa na maiuuwi... bilang pasalubong sa amin LOLOLOL :P

Naaatat tuloy ako mag-solo travel ulit =)) ipagpatuloy mo yan :D

SunnyToast said...

Goodluck! I love this idea of adventure and I'm planing to do this next year..summer:)

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

@mica - wow! natuwa ako at nagcomment ka sa blog ko. hihihi! fan mo rin ako. anyway, naku sa kasamaang palad wala akong papang naiuwi. hahah! yaan mo sa susunod. ibabagahe ko sila. =)

@sunnytoast - go for it! ang sarap ng feeling. maraming duda at first e maski father ko. kala nya may boylet daw akong kasama. hahaha!

Kathleen said...

uy solo travelling.. kakayanin ko din ba? >.<