Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bacolod: The sweet weekend escape

Ay namiss ko bigla mag blog. hihih! Gusto ko sana ichicka ay kung pano ako naadik ngayon sa candy crush kung kelan flappy bird era na. Kung pano din kiligin ang mga boss ko sa best ever ending daw kaya iunblock ko daw ang streaming sa opisina. At ang nag inspire sa kin magsulat muli... yung chismis ng officemate ko na galing sa burol. Bawal daw kausapin ang nabyuda pagkalibing kung hindi sila ang susunod. Kung ako ang nabyuda, ichika ko ang nagsabi nun ever. Hindi ko sila tatantanan hangga't walang nangyayari sa kanila. hmp! Hindi ko magets.. parang yung galit lang ng tatay ko kay Daniel Padilla. Papatayin bigla ang TV pag G2B na. Maghain na daw. Hindi ko alam kung gutom lang talaga siya or yummy lang si Daniel. lol!

Namiss ko tong ganito. Yung inuuna pa ang blog kesa trabaho. hahahah! O sha... ishare ko na ang lahat ng kamalasan ko sa Bacolod. Nabuo ang ideang to dahil lang sa inggit nung nag seat sale si Air Asia. All of my officemates booked to different destinations. So we thought, why can't it be? Why can't it be the two of us?♫ lol! At dahil nagkakaubusan na ng Mandatory Leave, bakit hindi gawing weekend ang lakwatsa. Amazing race! Sh*t! Kating kati akong i-status ang "Weekend in Bacolod :)" sa FB. hahah!

It's actually my first time to see Bacolod Silay airport.The last time I went there, it was via Iloilo. (I did not kiss the floor don't worry.)  First stop, Manukan Country for the taste of authentic Chicken Inasal. It was also the first time for me to try it. I have no idea where is the best restaurant to stop by. Good thing we chose the one with a lot of people. Taste was good. Unfortunately I forgot the name since this post is long overdue. hahah! Forgive me.

Now this is authentic!
If there is one place I would never get tired of going back, it's The Ruins. I always brag it to Aymee. "Ruins lang solb ka na." Before heading there, we dropped by Felicia's which has a branch in Robinsons Bacolod, which is luckily beside our hotel. We bought a few cakes Mr. Angel Juarez suggested (great fan by the way. hihihi!)

Aymee and the candy crush like cakes. Sweet!
Since it's only 1pm then, we decided to drop our bags to Go Hotel first. Let me tour you inside.

Comfy beds and cool foldable desk space

"♫May bilog may bilog na hugis itlog♫"

Mirror mirror..
We ate our cakes, changed our outfits for the next location and waited for the 3PM call time. Charotina Aguilera! hahah! The Ruins is at its best during sunset. This time, I made sure to arrive there ahead of time. Exciting.

My fave chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake and dulce de leche. Great choices!
Upon arriving at the tricycle terminal, one big banner with "CLOSED at 4PM" boldly written on it was hanging on the first tricycle on the line. We arrived at 4:05. Unfortunately, it was closed for wedding reception venue. We were like "why-the-hell-did-they-married-that-day!" I asked the driver how long are they going to close it. They replied, until tomorrow morning. Did I mention our flight is 1pm the next day? Great isn't it?

Ok. So I went back to Bacolod only to miss the sunset in Ruins (Oh eh at least consistent! hay naku talaga.) We decided to move on to our next stop, Balay Negrense in Silay. So we headed back to where the airport is. It was getting dark when we arrived in Silay. We asked around where the old house is. Being friendly and all, the locals are very accommodating.. but not until we reach it. Again, for the second time, it was already closed and the care taker did not let us in. I was almost losing faith that this trip will work out as planned... oh wait.. did we really planned on this?! hahah!  

Behind bars :(

Since we're already hungy, we found ourselves heading to El Ideal. I've heard so much about it and I'm glad I found it in the verge of giving up. Chos! We ordered a comfort food - batchoy. (I love saying it.. BATCHOY! bwahahaha!) Sayang di ako naka bili ng guapple pie. Simut sarap na rin kasi ang bulsa ko.

Not quite a view but it tastes so good

We went back to the City and dropped by Calea, where the famous moist cakes are. Great portion of my budget was allotted here.. and I tell you it's worth it.

There we made a plan of going back to The Ruins early morning. Aja!

And so we did.. ^_^

Ang lakas maka Let it Go nito. hahah!

dead fountain
♫ Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, Be the good girl you always have to be, Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know, Well, now they know♫

♫Let it Go! Let it Go!♫ 

Someone saw us having our picture taken beside the dead fountain so he turned it on (and someone got turned on as well). Yeeekeeeehh! hahah! I saw his picture on the walls of the ruins. If I'm not mistaken, he's one of the grandson of the owners.

pa-girl din pag may time. tabatina!

Meet the funny inhouse guide Roger
Even if it wasn't my first time to listen to him, I had a great laugh just as before. hahah!

We were still lucky enough to cover this much in a span of one whole day (arrived at 11am Saturday, then left at 1pm Sunday.)  Parang namili lang sa Divisoria at umuwi. hihhhi!

Sayang ang experience kung hindi ib-blog.. krek? (sayang din ang makapanindig-balahibong mini-skirt kung hindi ipopost) bwahahah!