Friday, March 12, 2010

My Daily Dose

One Nestle 0% fat milk, and two packs of Rebisco whole wheat crackers for breakfast; One pro-weight management 0% fat Strawberry-flavored nestle yoghurt, small KFC Asian Garden Salad for lunch; 1 bottle of Apple-flavored Fit n Right and 1 can of del monte sweet corn for dinner. Can anyone tell me if I'm going to survive this daily servings.

I'm currently weighing 140lbs and my goal is to trim down 20 lbs. I have a deadline of 2 months because I'm going to be a Maid of Honor in my couzin's wedding. I'm sure everyone's attention is on me not because I look beautiful on my gown but because my figure does not complement.

I've been struggling to become the big winner on the biggest loser challenge, that's what I thought. I have attempted so many ways on how to loose weight since college. I became successful though not because I did that intentionally. Let me share this experience of mine.
When I was in highscool, during my summer vacation, I make it a point to spend at least one month in my aunt's house in Laguna. To give you a preview on who she was in my life, well she's just the one who treated me as her own child and took care of me when I was about 4 months old up to 4 years. So It would be a mortal sin if I took her for granted. She's an old maid. My mom will give her an allowance when I'm there. She only knows how to cook stews and soups of whatever veggie is available in the fridge. I even asked her, "ano pong tawag sa niluto nyo?", she replied "Nilagang patola at kamias". Just that. Next day "Nilagang Upo". I don't even know if it was published in any recipe books. I know she doesn't want to deprive me on what I want but it appears as if. I would go out to buy my own food. I share it with her. If we don't have something to eat. We asked our neighboors for food. It's like that in the province anyway. Give anything you have but don't expect anything in return. Well, the "nilagang something" that she was sharing paid off though. I remember we received balatong or tinola or ginataang kalabasa and even lechon manok if there's an event. But if they don't have, we will just buy meatloaf and eat it for the whole day. Promise. It's true. She never let me eat the other 2 slices of Maling (brand of meatloaf) because I have to reserve it for my lunch and dinner. Imagine... Maybe you are wondering what my meryenda was - just a cup of coffee. When I get back to our house, My mom noticed my figure. "Nak? nagkasakit ka ba dun?" then I replied "Hindi ma. Diet lang."
Other accidental diet was when I was hit by Pulmunary Tuberculosis. I lost my appetite for a while due to severe cough. I can't hardly breathe. Now, of course I don't want to be hit by TB again for me to loose weight. Neither deprive myself of the things I deserve - specially the food. Yum Yum Yum! So I end up with that dose. Looking good never tasted this good! hahahaha! Wish me luck


Chyng said...

eto formula ko ng pagdiet:
1. dont eat
2. when hungry pray

yun lang. effective naman di ba?

Kurapengpeng said...

Iba ka talaga girl! Anyway, I'm back to square one.. I was depressed for quite some time kasi I don't think effective ang diet ko. Kaya I ate a lot. hahaha! Then I saw my dress as a maid of honor for my cuz wedding.. I was motivated again. Wish me luck