Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rainy Day Quickie (ayiii!)

Yeah. I know what you're thinking. But this is definitely not about it (well.. it can lead to that. hahaha!) I should've published this a bit earlier before habagat came. Ang bongga ng habagat na yan ha. Naisip ko nga gawing status to e "Akala ko pa naman iba ka sa kanila.. na ikaw ang tagapagligtas ko.. na ikaw ang dahilan kaya ginusto ko pang mabuhay muli.. pero nagkamali ako.. sana hinayaan mo na lang akong malunod." - Baboy. Nagkakagulo ang mga kapitbahay namin kaka-abang (sagip-kapamilya?! hahaha!) Joke. Late na ko nakapag facebook kaka-akyat baba ng computer. Pagoda Tragedy. Kaya dito ko na lang ish-share. Hindi ako pinatulog hanggat hindi ko nasusulat e. hahahah!

Anyway, let's go back to the main event. A month ago, someone on PTB group asked what to do this rainy season. I can't think of any at first. But the thread goes a long way. Sha! kayo na ang punong puno ng idea. lol! Ang bitter? 

I rarely read featured resorts in Laguna these days. When I was a kid, hindi kumpleto ang bakasyon ko pag walang Pansol e. Iniisa isa ng relatives ko lahat ng bahay dun. Basta may pool gora kami. hihihi! Parang ang tagal hindi nakaligo. I may not be a good swimmer but I love to swim even during rainy days. It may not be the best place to be, but hey, who wouldn't feel better on a hotspring.

I can recommend two decent resorts. One is Rockpoint Hotel and the other one is 88 Hotspring resort. I've been to Rockpoint two months ago and I find it cheap than the latter. It can be found in Alamat Road, Maria Makiling Hotspring Village, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. I just googled what's on top of the rank and tripadvisor gave this. Amazing!


Reservation was a breeze... I realized later on. Unlike the usual hotel wherein you need to deposit only 50% of the total amount, Rockpoint will ask for the whole amount. At least less hassle when I get there. Pwede na.

Front Desk
The place is quiet and clean. There were no other guests when we arrived. Maybe because it was a Sunday then. The room is spacious and it gives a feels-like-home vibe. It has Cable TV. Aircon is working fine. Oh the Wi-Fi? Just perfect. Wala kaming kaagaw e. hihihi! Check it out.

All rooms have bath tub. Some even have jacuzzi. Private. Intimate. Hot. Chos!

Dining? It's nice in the picture but the smell doesn't seem right. Allergic talaga ang ilong ko. hahaha! Might as well request your breakfast to be served in your room. Thumbs up for the food though. Garlic Cream Pasta and Sisig made me drool to death.

Honestly, the pool where we swam was not that inviting. The water temperature is obviously warm but I found myself heading to the room after an hour. I won't encourage you to stay on the water for a long time. Sasakit ulo mo sa init. But they have on going renovations, it may add charm in the future. Don't expect a huge pool. Just right.

Here are the list of amenities you might enjoy when you get there..

It cost me 1950.00 for a one night stay. The room is a standard one with matrimonial queen bed. It also includes American Breakfast for two.

The other resort I would recommend is 88 Hotspring Resort that can be found in National Highway, Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines. Check out my review the last time I visit here. It was awarded the most outstanding resort in Laguna way back 2007. In terms of beautiful landscape, cleanliness, and elegance... I tell you they deserve it. Take a look.

They have a huge variety of hot spring pools. 10 outdoor pools to be exact. Nuknukan ng dami ng choices. From kids to adult.. Warm to extremely hot.. they have it all. Mamimiss mo talaga ang tap water sa bahay niyo. hahaha!

As a bonus, you won't feel you're in the Philippines. Korean nationals are dominant here. Korean ang owner e. Anyonghasseyo! (Kung ano ang sayo! hihihi!)

It's really pricey for me. The cheapest room for two would cost you P 2,500 and it only includes a matrimonial bed, aircon and a shared bathroom. But wait, don't be discouraged. Since Laguna is just an hour away from the Metro and you just want to experience it on a day tour, they are offering it at a price of 500.00 each. Not bad isn't it? Food and beverages are not allowed though but you can sneak in. I did. hihihi! Masarap ang bawal... wag lang magpapahuliiih!

Next week I'll be on the road again. I miss my tambayan, NAIA terminal 3. Charot! hahahah! This will be different since it's a company outing and I'll be with my closest offcemates. I (ehem!) organized it. For now, pagtiyagaan nyo muna to ha. Tagal kong walang lakad e. Dayukdok mode. 



gusto ko nito waaaaaaaaah! gusto ko hot spring .. gusto ko yung parang outdoor jacuzzi ....

marxtermind said...

Miss ko na din mag-travel. Enjoy your trip! :D

Aleah | said...

Galing mo naman, pa resort resort ka lang The jacuzzi looks nice though, and gusto ko yang mainit na pool!

anney said...

We're planning to go to 88 hotspring di pa nga lang sure kung kelan. hayyz! Nung minsang mapunta kami ng laguna e nilista ko lahat ng nadaanan namin resort saka ako nag search sa internet kung maganda yung loob. 88 hotspring yung pinaka nagustuhan ko.

Manong Unyol said...

NAPAKA RELAX nman jan mag stay ganda pa ng ambiance:)

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Gusto ko ng hot spring cheverloo! Isama mo naman ako dyan sa Laguna minsan. Kahit yan na trip natin together :P shige na teh!

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

Mukhang maganda dyan ah. Next time na may family outing dyan ko na lang sila hahatakin. Medyo malapit pa!

Christian | LAKAD Pilipinas said...

ang mahal parehas! but i like the second one better :)

bertN said...

Rainy day quickie? I'm thinking more of a lunch break quickie. Not my kind of activity!! I usually spend my lunch breaks at church praying hard to atone for my sins LOL.

ayala land Laguna said...

Wow! I am totally enjoyed reading your blog post and I found it so interesting. My friends and I are planning to have a vacation this coming December and those two resorts are really impressive. But I don't know what will I choose on them because they are both so lovely. Thanks for sharing it.^_^