Monday, November 29, 2010

Wawa Ako

We've been living in Rizal for 20 years now and have heard of Wawa Dam a thousand times. When I was a kid, my playmates used to tell me a lot stories about the place but I was never convinced to go there. Or maybe their not convincing at all. Hahaha! Peace guys. Laro tayo mamaya lol! Since I was not able to pursue Apo Reef this weekend because my joiners backed out, hindi matinag ang kakatihan ng paa ko so I decided to go to Wawa. I asked my mom and lil bro to lead me there. If all else fails, sila inaaya ko lagi. My curiosity prevails.

We passed by the house of an old man featured in QTV who lived here for years alone

cave-like tunnel

Keep going...

I can hear na the lagaslas ng water from here (arte?)

As you go along, you will pass by these men with their kalakals

I saw a red plate on the other side of the rock mountain with a Japanese characters on it. According to Mr. Google, this was constructed by the American Government year 1909 as a reservoir and pumping facility. However, this became a battlefield during Japanese Occupation. Many of them died defending this holding point when the Americans retook the area. I also saw a cave going there. I think it was the Pamitinan cave that they said taguan of Katipuneros of KKK in year 1895. If you would explore the cave it will take you hours. You would still see the words "Viva la independencia Filipinas" wrote by Andres.

There it is! It's like a man made falls.

I was looking for that part where my playmates used to swim...

Maybe not.. I don't think I would swim on this greenish reservoir. Maarte ako.

Camping or Picnic area
The ambiance is like probinsyang-probinsya. May siga siga pa kasi. hahaha! I remember one of the movies na ang manananggal ay nakatira sa tabing ilog. Ganun na ganun din.

The abandoned control center
Wawa Dam supplied for Metro Manila for years but was closed when Ipo-Angat-La Mesa dam was established year 1960.

That's my brother Kevin. Afraid to cross this bridge

beautiful as ever

ayokong mag-green
Sabi nila, may mga nangunguha daw pailalim. Yun e sabi sabi lang naman. I think it was merely katangahan lang pag nangahas kang tumalon sa reservoir tapos magrereklamo kang nalunod. 

Imagine what it was like during Ondoy. According to the locals, nagpantay ang ilog sa baba at sa reservoir. Not only that, the houses and nipu nuts were washed out.

Wanna visit?
From Quezon City, ride a Montalban Jeep. Sabihin mo diretso. Literally it will take you to the end of their route. It's in San Rafael. Ride another jeep going to Wawa. Diretso ulit and again, it will take you to the end of their route as well. That's where you will start trekking. Malapit lang naman. Mga 5 to 10 minutes.