Friday, December 24, 2010

Bless po!

Been to an orphanage recently. Chyng organized it. I joined because I really wanted to spend time with the kids. Though I may be on top of Santa's naughty list this year but still Bro made my 2010 a blast. Guess it's time to give back. It's the most rewarding thing anyway.

I once heard a priest told the crowd during a mass, "Even if you're busy but you can feel God is making the time for you..reaching out, would you still ignore Him?" I was on Curacha Mode a week before this event.. working 12-14 hours a day including weekends so I thought of backing out coz I found the true meaning of TOXIC. Wala pa kong tulog nun as in. Fortunately, I was able to submit my deliverables on time. Maybe God really wanted me to go with them. Amazing isn't it?

I was one of the solo volunteers. Unusual. Pero sabi nga ni Chyng, in preparation for my solo travel next year dapat masanay nako sumama sa mga strangers. So Go! Wala akong pinagsisihan. Salamat sa pagpilit friend.

Finally we arrived!
Day Care Center

I saw some of the bulletin pics of Kapamilya and Kapuso Stars who visited there as well. It's good to know  hindi lang pala puro arte ang kaya nilang gawin. 

The Venue

Did I mention that the kids headcount is 66? You may also want to know the number of volunteers... muntik ng mag 1 is to 1 ang ratio namin promise. Nakakatuwa! Siguro if the venue can accommodate more baka ma outnumber pa ang kids. 

Ang mukang disturbed na Mcdo look-alike clown
(grabbed from Chyng's Blog)

"♫I'm coming up so you better get this party started!" - Jollibee (lol!) 
(grabbed from Chyng's Blog)

Wala ng tatalo sa presence ni Jollibee. Oo na ikaw na ang Beedang Beeda! Hihihi! I admit, I'm also a fan. Lalo na nung nagkalat sa FB ang Justin Bieber dance craze nya. Kaya excited ako. Unfortunately, my ka-buddy panicked when I told her "Padating na si Jobee o!". Bigla siyang na-bothered. Sumiksik sa sulok. Takot na takot siya. Hindi ko tuloy alam kung Chucky ba ang nasabi ko instead of Jobee.

As much as I wanted to join the crowd of Jobee fans, hindi ko naman pwedeng iwan ang nagmumukmok kong little friend. Tutal, this won't be the last time I'll see him, I chose to be with her. Hinihila nya ko palayo sa crowd. I let her. Kung yun ang magpaparamdam sa kanyang hindi siya nag-iisa why not. Nagpapakarga siya, ok lang go ahead. Sanay naman ako sa office na pinagbubuhat ng Server, siya pa ba ang hihindian ko. 

If I'm going to rate myself as a volunteer, I guess I can proudly give a 9. Ramdam ko talaga promise. Hindi sa pagyayabang yan a. I really tried my best. =)

My ka-buddy (mwah!)

My co-solo joiners (Robbie, Mark, Keeks, Leidy, Me, Jen, and Wylene) nice meeting you!
grabbed from Chyng

Group Shot of all volunteers (onti no?)
grabbed from Chyng

Kala ko talaga mahihimatay na ko sa gutom at pagod after the party, good thing someone donated this Dextrose-Shaped Water.  Bagay talaga sa mga dehydrated hahaha! Nung nakita ko to parang ayoko ng inumin. Ang cute!

Aside from giving them a Christmas party, they also received food supplies, clothes, toys, party shirt, loot bags and uniform set. I salute all those who sponsored kids. Pagpalain nawa kayo. 

Salamat Chyng! Bilib na ko sayo. If there's a will there's a way talaga. Proven mo na yan. God Bless you! 

I'm overwhelmed with all the blessings I received this year. Maldita talaga ko dati e kaya feeling ko nun I don't deserve what I have right now. But then I realized, sinimulan lang satin ni God. Dapat hindi lang manatili satin ang blessings na yan. It was not given for personal consumption. You have to share it. Let other experience the feel of being loved. Merry Christmas everyone!


Chris aka C2 said...

creative dork! sabi ko na nga ba sya nagdesign ng tarp... binabasa ko din blog nya galing na artist hehehe

Chyng said...

sabi ko nga sa blog ko:

The fulfillment came in a different form, not quite I expected. I thought Im gonna be fulfilled the moment I saw the kids happy, but Im really moved in the preparation process where I met a lot of good people, specially this certain couple. And the other one, right after the event when I hear different stories from the volunteers on how they've been touched.

Next year ulit? YEs? =)

Kura said...

@c2 - oo siya nga si creative dork. galeng no!
@chyng - sure! sa home for the aged naman =) kailangan ng mag ready ng 4-ply na tissue. Siguradong dadanak ang sipon. hahaha!